Dear Scotland



Dear Scotland

Once again the issue of independence has reared its ugly head, and my question is why is this so important? and shouldn’t we have moved on from such an issue after 300 years of union. First off I would like to take issue with the use of the word ‘independence’ in this situation. To use it is to imply a state of occupation and exploitation by someone else, Scotland is not Tibet and nor is it Sudan. We are in an equal union where the concerns of all regions are given equal and unbiased consideration. Our situation would merely be the transfer of power from one democratically elected government into two democratically elected governments. So what’s the point?

It is a fairly common understand that for human kind to continue to socially evolve then there has to be a generation that doesn’t see war. That isn’t to say that England and Scotland would ever go to war about this, but the sentiment holds true, that is to say that there has the be a generation of people that stops seeing humans as different from one another and stops finding reasons to divide us apart into smaller and smaller groups. This translates to many different areas of society, whether it is religion or nationalism, or more local conflicts.

To continue to be motivated by such tribalistic fervour has no place in our modern globalised world. Since the invention of the internet, nationalism has become a thoroughly outdated principle. When it used to take weeks to simply travel from the north of Scotland to the South hundreds of years ago nationalism had a purpose. It would unify large areas of land and create harmony by providing people with a common identity, and it would motivate people it times of war and suffering. However, the world hasn’t seen a major war in almost 70 years, we can fly to any part of the world within 24hrs and talk to people instantly via the internet. The world has become a much smaller place and the tool which used to unify such large areas now does the exact opposite and keeps us small and divided. A study in the US revealed that nationalism also doesn’t reflect the ideas of the younger generation now graduating from university, Generation Y, who now see themselves as citizens in a global community who are likely to live in many cities around the world during their lifetime. Wouldn’t it be a sad state of affairs if the most successful union in the history of the world suddenly had a spasm  of confidence in itself and regressed into a tribal paradigm, when we are on the verge of handing over to a new generation who would most likely seal the future of our union for the long term. To continue to think in such irrational terms is primitive and has no place in the decision making processes of a competent modern government. It’s high time we relegated nationalism to what it really is, a bit of fun on sports days.

Independence doesn’t make any sense when you truly analyse the numbers or the ideologies, so where does this continued movement come from? It stems from the most self interested profession to ever grace our country, politics. A politician will reject rational argument in favour of that which increases his power, wealth and control over others. A politician would not vote for the dissolution of his position if it were in the interest of the country as a whole. To vote for independence is to participate in a self interested politician’s power grab, and insert another level of bureaucracy in our government, which can never be a good thing. Alex Salmond seems to be an individual who is motivation by a generational grudge and deep seated hatred of the English, I imagine he lies asleep at night dreaming of his statue adorning towns and cities across the country, and teachers in classrooms telling the story of how he liberated Scotland from its evil English overlords. This issue hasn’t come from the people, there aren’t daily demonstrations n the streets demanding the release of Scotland, this idea is being forced upon us by politicians trying to consolidate and expand their power and control. Alex Salmond is blinkered by ideology and blinded by ego.

I think it’s about time we collectively grew up, reject outdated ideas, and start to take pride in our collective identity. The British union is an example to the EU of what a successful union looks like and how it should be done, and is also a shinning case study to the world of what can happen when a group of countries agree to leave behind their differences and work together for a better future. Scotland is part of a union that we all benefit from, and I hope it stays this way into the distant future.

Yours sincerely

A Concerned Citizen

This post is posted on Tuesday 8 November 2011.
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